April 8

Common Reasons Why Your Pipes Are Making Strange Sounds

Many people living in older homes often hear a lot of strange noises. They may think these are the spirits of the original owners trying to send a message or worry that their home is falling apart. The most likely cause of strange noises is a plumbing issue.

In fact, about a trillion gallons of water are wasted each year as the result of plumbing issues.

If you hear groaning or knocking in your home, you need to call your local plumbing contractor to check your pipes.

Sure, you can check them yourself and maybe find the source, but you still need a trained professional to fix it.

Why not call them in the first place so you're not waiting to get it fixed?

Your plumber will need to look at the pipes and nearby taps where you are hearing the noise so they can trace any leaks.

They will then run a series of tests, from running the water in your faucets to testing your water to see if a water softener is needed.

If you are hearing strange noises and sputters when you run the water, then there is probably air in the lines.

This is usually caused by an interruption in water pressure, either from shutting off your water or your city doing work on the main water lines to your home.

Regular air in your lines can lead to rust and sediment getting into your water. If it has been going on for a long time, then you may need to replace some plumbing.

Hard water is another issue that may come up.

Hard water can be a contributor to air in your lines because it can build up at junctures meaning they don't close as tightly as they should. Another major cause of noisy pipes is high water pressure.

While this may not sound like that big a problem, every homeowner wants good water pressure. It can be a serious problem and can lead to worn seals, damaged fixtures, and leaks in other parts of your home.

Whatever the noise you are hearing, it would be best to call a local plumbing contractor to get it checked out - if only so you can tell your kids you are certain there are no ghosts.


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