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Backflow prevention is crucial to your health, ensuring your water is free of potential hazards.

Our team is here to identify and repair your backflow issues and offer practical methods to prevent further problems.

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What Is Backflow? 

Backflow is a plumbing term used to describe the unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. It can be a serious problem because backflow water is typically contaminated, leading to significant health risks for homes and businesses. 

Backflow can occur at any cross-connection between clean and dirty water lines.

It is commonly caused by water pressure changes, such as a broken water main. 

Since contaminated water can contain hazardous materials such as pesticides, chemicals, and human waste, backflow issues must be resolved quickly. 

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is vital for prevention.

It is particularly necessary for apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants, and other public facilities.

Most building codes mandate annual testing to prevent backflow, and some require backflow detection devices. If annual testing is not performed, you may be fined.

Even worse, some cities will cut off the water supply to your property or business if yearly testing still needs to be completed. 

If you need a backflow plumber in Tampa to conduct your annual testing, give us a call!

Pro Plumbing is trusted by Tampa businesses and property managers to perform thorough, affordable testing to keep your building up to code.

What Are the Types of Backflow?

Backflows occur at any physical connection between a potable water supply and a contaminated water source.

Most cities require property owners to install approved backflow prevention devices at all cross-connections. 

There are two main types of backflow property owners see that require immediate assistance. 

Back-Pressure Backflow

Back-pressure backflow is caused when the downstream pressure is greater than the upstream or supply pressure in a public water system or private potable water system.

It is typically caused by an increase in downstream pressure, a decrease in potable water supply pressure, or a combination of the two. 

Back-pressure backflow can be caused by pumps, boiler temperature increases, water line flushing, water main breaks, or the use of a water supply to fight fires.

If you have back-pressure backflow, it’s best to call your water company to see if there is an issue with your main water supply. 

Call our plumbers to schedule an inspection if you can’t find the source of your back-pressure backflow. 

Back-Siphonage Backflow

The second type of backflow is called back-siphonage.

It is caused by negative pressure in a public or private water system.

The effect of this type of backflow is similar to drinking water through a straw.

Back-siphonage is caused by a vacuum or partial vacuum of the water supply.

It can occur when there is a stoppage of the water supply due to a water main break or the use of your water supply to fight fires. 

Call our backflow plumbers in Tampa to inspect your pipes if you suspect back-siphonage backflow. 

What Causes Backflow? 

The best way to handle backflow is to understand the basics of your plumbing system.

Most sewage removal systems rely on gravity and ventilation to carry contaminated water from your home or business. 

On the other hand, the clean water that enters your house is pressurized. When the balance between these two changes, backflow can occur.  

The most common causes of backflow include:

  • Wastewater system pressure
  • Pressure drops in a freshwater system
  • Combination of pressure in your wastewater system and pressure drops in a freshwater system
  • Water main breaks
  • The use of a large amount of water, such as opening a fire hydrant to fight a fire
  • Problems inside your sewer system
  • Vacuum or partial vacuum of the water supply
  • Water line flushing
  • Issues with water pumps
  • A drastic change in water temperatures

If you have backflow, you must call a plumber immediately for repairs.

Contact our backflow plumber in Tampa to inspect your plumbing system and repair your backflow issues as quickly as possible. 

How Can Backflow Be Repaired? 

The best way to handle backflow is to install a backflow prevention device. Although these are only required for commercial properties, they can also be installed in residential plumbing systems.

Even with a backflow device, you’ll need to pay attention to the signs of backflow to avoid water contamination. 

Contact a professional backflow plumber in Tampa immediately if you notice any of the following signs of water contamination:

  • Brown, yellow, or discolored water
  • A foul smell that is similar to Sulphur
  • Slow or interrupted water flow
  • Visible rust sediment in the water
  • Water that has a bad taste
  • Difficulty with your drains

If you experience backflow, it must be treated as a plumbing emergency.

Contact our experts at Pro Plumbing immediately to repair your backflow issues. 

We will send a licensed, insured, and experienced plumber to test and fix your water issues. If you do not have a backflow prevention device or your device needs to be replaced, we can handle all new installations. 

Also, if your water is contaminated, we will clean and sanitize your pipes before retesting your water to ensure safety. 

Own a commercial property or business? we can also help with any compliance forms required for city, state, and federal code compliance. 

Contact Pro Plumbing Today for Your Backflow Prevention and Repair Needs

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