January 27

6 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater


Can you imagine living without hot water?

It's hard if you've had this luxury all your life.

We use hot water every day, several times a day. Just think about it; you end up using water from your hot water heater for showers, laundry, dishes, and more.

Yet, that hot water heater will need to be replaced at some point.

How do you know if it's time to replace your water heater? What are the signs? Keep reading!

Age of the Water Heater

Nothing lasts forever, let alone your water heater.

They are known to last about 10 years, but sometimes they can last longer.

If your water heater is 10+ years old and experiencing any of the signs below, then it might be time to let it go and install a new one.

Higher Than the Normal Electric Bill

If you notice that your water heater uses more energy than usual and doesn't seem to heat as much hot water, you need to get it replaced by one of our professionals.

Keep in mind that if it uses more energy, you will end up paying a higher electricity bill.

Since the water heater is not energy efficient, getting a new one is better.

Replacing it will save you money on an electric bill.


It's not normal when leaks are coming from your water heater.

A small leak can quickly lead to major problems and some very costly repairs.

The leaks could be a sign that some connections are loose, or the problem is with the water heater itself. The former can be inspected and rectified by a plumber.

However, if the latter is the case, then the chances are high that you might need to replace your water heater.

Color of Water

Is your water crystal clear, or have you noticed it is a darker color?

Just like with the leaks, it's not normal for your water to change in color. If the water looks cloudy or has a reddish tint, it means that rust is present.

However, note that sometimes the problem could be beyond the water heater.

Water discoloration could also be a sign of a bigger problem with your plumbing system.

Strange or Funny Noises From Water Heater

One thing that you never want to hear from your water heater is any strange noises.

There is definitely a problem if it sounds like there is a rattle or strange noises.

The rumbling noises may be due to the sediment build-up.

Too Many Repairs Already Done

The more times that you have to get any type of repairs done, the closer you are to having to replace your water heater.

These repairs can include things like draining the tank or replacing anode rods.

If you have had multiple repairs on your water heater within a short period, no matter how expensive they were, it might be best to replace it for good.

Importance of Maintaining Your Water Heater

So, is it important to maintain your water heater? Of course, yes!

For it to serve you well, you must have it serviced every year.

This will save you money and increase its longevity. So much so, ensure that you only buy high-quality water heaters if you want them to serve you well and for a long time.

If your water heater is no longer working well or needs to be replaced, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team of experts is always ready to serve you. 

Located in Tampa, FL, Pro Plumbing will make sure your water heater is replaced quickly and efficiently.


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